National Wind, LLC, Acquires Investment Banking Firm Delphi Financial Corp.

Minneapolis, Minnesota –September 4, 2008- National Wind, LLC, announces today the completion of its acquisition of Delphi Financial Corp. Founded in 1990, Delphi Financial Corp. has an 18-year track-record of successfully raising capital for a wide array of companies, both private and public. In recent years, Delphi Financial Corp. has specialized in working with renewable energy projects.

“We have established a long-term working relationship with Delphi Financial and understand their commitment to raising capital for large community wind energy projects,” says Leon Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, National Wind, LLC. “An investment banking firm may seem like a strange acquisition for a utility-scale wind developer. However, our unique community-based model offers local landowners the opportunity to become project owners and in many cases necessitates the use of a registered broker-dealer.”

“A core piece of National Wind’s development model is to keep a considerable share of the economic benefits from a wind project in the local community,” says Jack Levi, Co-Founder and Chairman of National Wind and previous owner of Delphi Financial Corp. “We generally create ownership opportunities in the community wind projects that we manage. With National Wind’s rapid growth, acquiring Delphi makes a lot of sense.”

National Wind recently announced that Delphi Financial Corp. would conduct the intrastate public offering for High Country Energy, LLC, a southeastern Minnesota wind development company managed by National Wind. “It has been great to work with National Wind thus far, so I am excited for our companies to be formally integrated,” says Ryan Pelstring, Vice President of Capital Markets, Delphi Financial Corp.

In October 2007, National Wind acquired a wind assessments consulting firm, now known as National Wind Assessments. The assessments arm of National Wind conducts meteorological tower leasing & construction, wind data monitoring, site analysis, turbine layout design, and environmental impact calculations, for National Wind projects and for other clients. Under the terms of the acquisition, Delphi Financial Corp. will have a similar amount of freedom to take on projects unaffiliated with National Wind.

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About National Wind, LLC: National Wind, LLC, is the leading developer of utility scale (50 megawatts or more) community wind energy projects. We form powerful community wind energy partnerships with property owners, assuring that a project’s economic benefits are shared with the community. National Wind and its subsidiary, Wind Energy Developers, LLC, have participated in developing 15 wind energy projects and currently have over 4,000 megawatts in development. National Wind’s projects are located in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota, and the company is exploring expansion opportunities in other states. Please visit for more information.

About Delphi Financial Corp.: Delphi Financial Corp. is a Minneapolis-based investment banking firm focused on raising capital for early to development stage businesses in the Midwest. Originally incorporated in 1990, Delphi Financial Corp. has an 18-year track-record of successfully raising capital for a wide array of companies, both private and public. Given management expertise in renewable energy, particularly community wind development, Delphi Financial Corp. is focused on raising debt and equity capital for companies in this growing industry. Delphi Financial Corp. is actively looking for opportunities to raise capital for and, in some cases, assist in the development of community-owned wind projects in the Midwest. For more information, please visit