Our Experience with Wind Power

At National Wind, our wind power projects are not just about reporting the facts, but reporting the important connections we make with stakeholders and the expertise we’ve cultivated to help with our future wind endeavors. How many developers can say, that in a single project they worked collaboratively with more than 50 land owners to form a partnership? How many developers can say they helped a community form one of the largest wind farms in the United States? Or how many can say they involved nine rural communities in North Dakota’s first large scale wind project to be developed and owned by local landowners?

National Wind can and our project experience reflects our ability to form strong alliances with all the involved investors.

Our project experience consists of:

Wide-spread experience coordinating, managing, and working on many wind energy projects. To date, we have professionally managed 15 wind energy developments.

Extensive practice in building commercial scale wind power projects. We have over 3,000 MW of active utility scale wind energy systems under development or in operation. Most projects consist of 50 MW or more.

Strong geographic wind expertise.
Our expertise spans the Upper Midwest, with projects under development in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We are pursuing opportunities for projects in Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming. Our geographic expertise goes beyond studying existing topography and wind maps, we take great care to facilitate on-site wind resource assessments and feasibility studies that evaluate all the technical, economic, transmission, and permitting issues that affect a project.

Knowing how to network with and involve landowners in a wind project.
We have worked closely with hundreds of distinguished landowners and community members on wind energy developments.

Effectively negotiating with utilities. We communicate and work on a regular basis with the primary Midwestern utilities.