Why National Wind?

Local ownership provides a sense of empowerment, value, and pride. Shared ownership is a crucial component to our community wind energy project development and management model. National Wind is dedicated to shared ownership, encompassing the true definition of a “partnership”. We formulate a member agreement to maintain consistent cooperation in achieving the common goal of building a thriving wind farm. We share information, risks, responsibilities, profits, and resources with a commitment to advancement and success.

We create the conditions for success in every partnership we embark upon:

  • We respect and acknowledge the shared and differing interests of the involved parties;
  • We craft a bond based on trust, confidence, openness, and good faith;
  • We possess the skills and knowledge of the partnership process;
  • Our staff represents most of the required resources and we understand how to handle a wide range of wind energy issues; and
  • We work as a team. At National Wind we work closely with you from start to finish with a majority of the profits flowing back to the community, making a positive impact on the rural economy.


We become legal partners and when a wind project is profitable, the community benefits. Our experience with wind power and proven track-record can help you avoid the pitfalls, giving you peace of mind. We care and value our projects. In all of our partnerships we offer the most extensive wind resource data, the expertise required to negotiate a workable transmission agreement and permit approvals, a solid power purchase agreement, and the best turbine layout to optimize a wind project’s potential.